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The Role of Marketing in Distribution with Carolyn Quinn, Pike Systems

Episode: 16

In fact, Carolyn DID grow up in the family business. She remembers going to work with her dad on Saturdays and working with her sister to restock the showroom before the store opened at 8:00. She practically has performed every role in the business from filing to restocking to pulling orders, but she never did get to drive the delivery truck.

Before talking on leadership at Pike, Carolyn earned a degree in marketing at Babson College and spent some time working on the trading floor at Goldman Sachs. Back at Pike she applied her marketing expertise writing newsletters and putting together proposals for the sales force, but then quickly transitioned into a sales territory of her own.

When it comes to sales and marketing, Carolyn had a vision to go beyond promotional giveaways with the Pike logo. She wanted to do training webinars, targeted email campaigns, data-driven analysis This is something much bigger than putting a logo on a Yeti tumbler and things of that nature.

Listen in to hear how Pike divides their sales process into three distinct roles, the importance of building strategic bonds both within and outside of the industry, and how Carolyn believes in contributing to the success of her customers through education every single day.

We have to know more than the manufacturer does and not only know that, but know how to integrate one manufacturer’s products with another the amount of satisfaction in knowing that program that you put together is producing results, saving money, in some cases saving lives, and just making things easier for people is really rare.


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