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Don’t Forget to Manage the Surplus

Jason emphasizes the importance of managing surplus inventory, highlighting how unproductive inventory ties up valuable resources and suggests strategies, including improved communication in the supply chain, studying economic indicators, and using software tools to identify and address surplus stock effectively.

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Let’s Get Personal – Again

The article delves into the significance of personalization in wholesale distribution, covering strategies such as AI implementation, improved communication, onboarding experiences, Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to create tailored interactions and enhance customer relationships.

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Stay Safe Online: Tips to Avoid Getting Hacked

Jason shares a personal experience of getting hacked and provides cybersecurity tips, emphasizing the importance of password management, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), secure network practices, cautious use of auto-fill features, and awareness of social media sharing risks to enhance online safety.

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Your Products Have Changed, Have You?

In this article we explore the problems associated with product tunnel vision. Many distributors have products that evolve over time. We challenge distributors to see if they need to modify the way they are buying based on a shift in product or business focus.

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Who’s the Alpha Now?

When distributors are just starting out, they usually have to beg for lines. Over time, this dynamic shifts; but not always in the mind of the distributor

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