There will be plenty of other problems in the future. This is as good a time as any to get ahead of them.

Distribution Executive Coaching and Consulting

This service was born out of a distributor requesting a more long term relationship with the distribution team. He came to the realization that being the leader of a small, privately held distribution company can be a lonely place. As the leader, you are subject to your own best ideas. The distribution coaching service is all about giving the client a sounding board to discuss strategic direction and organizational challenges. As a coach, it is my responsibility to keep the client moving toward their organizational goals.

The relationship begins with a site visit so that I can get a feel for the organization and discuss plans for improvement. The client and the coach enter into a six month coaching agreement. The agreement includes bi-weekly phone meetings and unlimited email support. At just $600 per month, this is a very economical way to have a partner in the business without the downsides of joint ownership. With over 20 years of experience in the distribution field, I can help you move past those nagging barriers to success.

Next Generation Coaching

As a next generation owner, I can attest that there were certain gaps in my education on how the family business should be run. This was no fault of the previous generation. We just didn’t have a methodical way to prepare me for the challenges ahead. With this service, we spent time with your organization and help create a path for successful transition. The earlier you start, the more successful the transfer of knowledge. Whether you are just considering what a transition would look like or you recognize that the transition has been a bit more rocky than you imagined, we are ready to help you create a strategy for success.

Distribution Business Review

You have successful business. It has been running well, but you know it could be better. Sometimes you know what challenges are holding you back and just need a little help. In other situations, you need someone to uncover the barriers to profitability. When we are in the forest, it is sometimes difficult to stop and examine each of the trees. With this service, we offer a second set of eyes from a seasoned distribution veteran. During the engagement, we come on site for a couple of days and dig through the most critical functions of your operation. Together, we will create a roadmap for overcoming these challenges. Change is only a phone call away.