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Sydney Berry on pivoting to virtual, building relationships, and gaining trust in new territories in the beauty supply industry

Episode: 47

This industry is built on relationships and being able to help foster that makes a much better strengthening of best practices with all of the salons versus seeing each other as competitors. ~Sydney Berry, Salon Services Pro

As with many distribution verticals, COVID-19 has altered the high-contact beauty supply industry seemingly overnight. But Sydney Berry sees possibilities in pivoting. In this episode, Jason chats with the founder and CEO of Salon Services Pro about her commitment to service and the company’s strategies for translating an exceptional in real life reputation to the virtual marketplace.

Whether it’s teaming up with a competitor or her self-described over-communicating, Sydney Berry has built a successful, multi-state business on the strength of her relationships. We’ve done a lot of outreach, she says, explaining Salon Pro’s pandemic response.

Doubling down on virtual sales calls is only part of the plan for this hands-on distribution vertical.


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While stylists are inventing unique scenarios to safely interact with their clients, Sydney and her team are amplifying the company’s online offerings to meet these hardworking entrepreneurs where they are. In addition to exploring avenues beyond B2B, Salon Pro is experimenting with coffee chats and happy hours, virtual connections to bridge the social distance gap.

This unwavering dedication has made Salon Pro the go-to source for supplies, education, and business needs since 1997. Since taking over, Sydney has grown the company into 23 stores and two distribution sites across nine states.

Gaining trust in new salon territories is not an easy task. The notoriously insular market requires the willingness and fortitude to learn local business customs. You just think that you have an imprint and a reputation and people will understand that you are there for this purpose, she says. Embedding senior Salon Pro talent into the areas of expansion has made all the difference in gaining client trust.

As an added benefit, that hyper-local knowledge has informed the company’s COVID response. It is amazing to watch because each and every state is unique in how they are as businesses.

Service doesn’t stop at the salon. Sydney is an avid, active member of professional organizations, having participated in programs with BBSI. As the recently elected chairwoman of the PBA, Sydney has found another way to continue her commitment.

I love our industry and I really want to see it thrive and I believe thriving can occur when we do connect in this way, because I’ve seen it. So that’s why I stay involved.

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