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Steven Lazar on surplus commodities, faith, and giving back

Episode: 31

“The gift is in the giving. And I will tell business people that when you give to a good cause…you give the gift in the giving.” ~Steven Lazar

Can surplus commodities become a driver for change? If you ask Steven Lazar, president of Lazco Corporation, the answer is a resounding yes!.

We began our conversation discussing the business of buying and selling surplus HVAC equipment but quickly expanded our focus to include family dynamics, getting young people involved in entrepreneurship, and the importance of personal altruistic pursuits.

I think once we recognize the value of community, even in the heating and air conditioning industry, that we have to be able to help each other, you know, and do things. But Steven isn’t satisfied with just unloading a client’s product for the best price – although that certainly is chief among his considerations when organizing a sale.

What truly motivates him is the role he plays in his client’s future – be it the buyers who get good products at great prices or sellers who would otherwise take a hit on a warehouse full of unused goods. This is why my passion, to help distributors and manufacturers turn their surplus inventories into working capital.


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One thing that can upset a carefully crafted Lazco sale is emotionality. Ego often prevents sellers from accepting bids which have been coordinated with their best interests in mind. As Steven sees it, there’s no reason not to consider a 70-cents-on-a-dollar deal when it could mean the difference between moving on to greener pastures or standing still — watching your equipment depreciate.

Logistically, it doesn’t make sense! What does make sense is his ability to put sellers together with buyers and even renters. This is perfectly good equipment that we can use to help save people money that don’t have a budget to buy.

Steven’s commitment to his customers is matched only by the concern he has for his community. Veterans affairs are close to his heart. To that end, he’s working to create his first subdivision of homes outfitted to serve veterans (and veteran families) in need. In partnership with Legacy Manufactured Homes, Steven hopes to open the first of these villages in Arizona in 2020. It’s a footprint that features 30 modular units of various-sized dwellings with additional onsite support for personal and professional growth through community gardening, job training, and social services. If all works as he envisions it will, the goal is to set up additional communities to repay those who have given so much to their country.

One of the important things is the attitude of gratitude, Steven says. It’s this philosophy that he applies to his business and philanthropic endeavors. Listen in to find out more about how Lazco might be of service to your business or how you can get involved with his homes-for-veterans project.

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