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Remote Hiring Strategies to Optimize Your Time, Energy, and Money With Anna Shcherbyna Of Remotivate

Episode: 124

The way teams work has certainly changed since 2020. Even legacy distributors now rely on modes of project planning and communication that seemed unthinkable just a few years ago. Where in the world that talent works might be the next frontier worth exploring. Anna Shcherbyna, founder and CEO of Remotivate LLC, helps companies cast a wide net to attract A-list remote hires, saving her clients time, energy, and money–all of which could be better spent elsewhere. Jason chats with Anna about Remotivate’s proprietary vetting process, how distributors can scale their businesses more efficiently by incorporating a global hiring mindset, and the resume revision strategy that can help candidates land high-caliber remote work.

I fell in love with working remotely, and it just snowballed into a business, says Anna, who has logged in for this conversation from Barcelona. Her mobile lifestyle illustrates rapidly shifting attitudes toward team building, especially amongst younger, more nomadic talent. A lot of companies want the opportunity to get candidates with salaries that are a bit more affordable, especially if you’re bootstrapping a business and you wanna grow a team pretty quickly, she says. That’s quite hard to do in North America.

International talent acquisition is a manageable option for smaller distributors with a partner like Remotivate in the mix. Anna’s team specializes in filling operations management and C-suite roles, providing smaller businesses access to a global pool of remote applicants at salaries often far lower than similarly skilled local candidates. Remotivate’s methodology ensures that each client receives a bespoke list of A-level candidates optimized for language fluency, culture fit, and work experience.

Remotivate also offers remote-hire candidates an engaging and effective way to level up their global appeal. Roast My Resume allows applicants to submit their CV or LinkedIn profile for audit. 90% of people aren’t landing jobs because they either don’t understand the roles they’re applying to, or they don’t know how to position themselves, Anna says. She reviews the submission and provides easy-to-implement fixes. It all starts from the very beginning, that strategy piece, that resume piece, that LinkedIn profile.

Anna’s expertise in the global marketplace ensures that both sides of the remote recruitment equation find what they’re searching for.


Remote work changed my life, and this is a big reason why I started Remotivate because I wanted to help a lot of both business owners and candidates out there change their life by going into that remote space.

That’s the whole point of the remote space: it really allows so many more business owners to get out there, entrepreneurs to get out there and build a team up and grow much faster because there are incredible staff all over the world that are a fraction of the cost.

When I’m able to see how one hire can absolutely take your business from seven to eight figures, or from eight to nine figures, to me those are the most powerful success stories because it shows how one person can absolutely make a complete turnaround of your business.






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