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Paul Glover on resilience coaching for distributors and workforce development

Episode: 41

“I don’t believe that a coach can be a good coach without being curious. I don’t believe I have the only answer. Now, I may think I’ve got the right answer, but that doesn’t matter. I’m curious enough to hear what somebody else has to say and have a conversation ~Paul Glover

Workforce development coach Paul Glover is no stranger to adversity. For 30 years, he suited up to do court-side battle as a labor employment lawyer. Then, in 1995, he was convicted of a variety of white-collar crimes. He served five years in federal prison for those missteps. Today, Paul’s an expert in organizational resilience, a topic that’s crash-landed onto the business landscape in the wake of COVID-19.

My moniker that I use is the no BS workplace performance coach. If Paul’s bluntness doesn’t immediately win you over, his origin story might not do the trick either – and he’s okay with that.

I have an opinion. I have a recommendation. It’s based on experience, says the self-described recovering lawyer and ex-felon.

There’s a knee jerk instinct by some C-suites to write off Paul’s expertise based on his bio. The manufacturing and distribution organizations that he has had the pleasure of working with have benefited greatly from his no-nonsense coaching.

Now, he’s setting his sights on post-pandemic resilience, guiding privately-held, family-owned companies through this wildly unstable period. It’s a population niche that he greatly admires, noting that his pragmatic candor and action-oriented style align with his clientele; both coach and client understand that if you don’t act that way, you don’t succeed.


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With Resilience Edge Workshop, Paul’s expertise has gone virtual. He’s put his program through a rigorous personal test, building a successful nationwide practice by melding lessons learned at the top with those from his time spent at the bottom.

I took that experience and believe me, five and a half years in federal prison’s an experience, and I first did a lot of reflection and made some determinations that I needed to understand my strong points but also my blind spots.

His keen understanding of organizational psychology has propelled businesses like Ewing Irrigationfrom a $60 million West Coast distributorship to a nationwide powerhouse. With his winning combination of substance and showmanship, Paul’s coaching clients through adversity by proving that shrewd actions and substantive words speak louder together.


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