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Meet Next Gen Customers Where They Live Via Mobile Engagement With Pierre Barbeau of Moblico Solutions

Episode: 99

Customer messaging has always been a numbers race–and distributors that use 21st-century strategies to connect with and convert their target markets occupy pole position. Pierre Barbeau, president and co-founder of Moblico Solutions, says it’s never too late to implement a mobile engagement plan specific to your vertical. Jason caught up with Pierre to discuss adding value to inbound and outbound activities via mobile app communication.

We’re a family-owned business, and we focus on independent distributors. We want to help them compete with the large entities and give them the tools, give them the technology they need to leapfrog from their current position [to] where they can retain those lines of engagement with their customers. Pierre makes it sound so easy. As someone who oversaw the development and market launch of literally the first picture-sharing-based service in the US, it is. His genius, however, is in translating Moblico’s complex services into terms (and numbers) his clientele can relate to and utilize.

Moblico products like targeted broadcast messaging, custom app development, and automated notifications establish lines of communication and create new channels by which companies can gather intel. Sales data and survey responses, for example, can inform improvements to internal protocols, thus better serving the customer. Anything you do in mobile communication or marketing is ultimately trying to streamline processes, trying to be more accessible when you’re needed, Pierre says.

In-house productivity, too, can benefit from Moblico solutions. Think human resources activities and sales team endeavors. By using our platform, all that information is going to a central place. Teams can leverage [it], report on it, manage your effectiveness.

Mobile notifications come in various forms (text messages, and push notifications to name a few) and are sent either manually or via automation. Moblico offers strategies that integrate its mobile messaging apps with a client’s existing ERP and E-commerce platforms for the smartest reach. There’s a lot of cool things you can do [but] the whole emphasis is on keeping it simple, making it easy for the wholesale distributor to use, Pierre reiterates.

Regardless of how you may feel when a targeted ad or text crosses your path, studies show that younger professionals prefer mobile engagement over traditional forms of communication–and they’re your future customers. It’s beyond time to meet them where they live: on mobile.


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Generally speaking, when you get involved in marketing channels, individuals will be willing to allow you to market to them if there’s something in it for them.

The ability to message the right message, right person, right time is key for that message to be valuable to both parties, the one sending and the one receiving.

It’s the digitization of a lot of these things that you’ve done historically with pen, paper, and Scotch tape.

Our whole mission is to sort of demystify this whole technology, and we do try and make it as easy as possible for our customers.






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