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Mason Greene on adapting and innovating during the pandemic in foodservice distribution

Episode: 53

“I think it’s just an apt message for this time, to share with our team, with each other that, hey, we’re counting on you to just continue to grow. ~Mason Greene

Few industries have weathered more storms during the pandemic than foodservice. From restaurants to suppliers, the pressure on this vibrant vertical to provide will not ease any time soon. Jason chats with Mason Greene, third-generation president of Hotel & Restaurant Supply, about how he’s fostering responsibility and encouraging innovation amidst challenges.

When I stop and think about it…it’s a great opportunity in the space we have, says Mason about distribution in general and the foodservice vertical specifically.


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Throughout the conversation, Mason routinely circles back to the relational aspect, how much the business has given him and how much he enjoys paying that forward.

In addition to overseeing a multi-showroom company known for quality service in sales, warehousing, and design-build, Mason currently serves as chairman of FEDA. He credits the industry organization afforded him space to gather intel and make long-lasting connections.

It’s definitely a phenomenal experience and I’m thankful to be able to serve in that way and grow in that way.

He’s incredibly proud of FEDA’s young leaders program, with its mission to develop talent and engage the next wave of professionals. Creating an environment in which young talent feels welcome is a win-win for the future of distribution. That said, attracting accomplished recruits requires commitment from leadership.

Mason points out that generations often maligned as job-hoppers are merely looking for environments that value their tech-forward approach. A young person can really come in and make an impact, you know when they bring in those skills and ideas.

Mason recently tapped new tech to streamline protocols from the office to the showroom, but he’s quick to point out that the systems upgrade was more than just a software improvement.

[It’s] an investment in our people. Providing first-rate tools signaled to Mason’s team that they can continue to count on his support of their long-range goals, even now. That’s created a ripple effect.

I hear our customers saying we’re counting on you, Mason says. Vendors, too. He’s doing everything he can to strengthen relationships all along the chain and ensure mutual success as everyone in the industry rides out the storm together.

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