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Look Beyond Your Business Itinerary To Roads Less Traveled

Episode: 104

When was the last time curiosity got the better of you on a business trip? In this rare solo episode, Jason explores roads less traveled. Literally. The world has reopened. Airports are
busier than ever. Calling on clients is what business travel is all about, but is there room in your schedule for unexpected experiences?

Are you open to making mundane travel more magical this time around?

It doesn’t take much (if any) planning to get off the beaten path for a few hours, as Jason discovered on a recent trip to Salt Lake City. When a wonky gap in the schedule left him with some time to kill, he had two choices: head to his hotel room or let a Google Map suggestion lead him in a completely serendipitous direction.

Jason pointed his rental car toward the Bonneville Salt Flats. The main draw of this offbeat area is the Bonneville Speedway, a vast open expanse of blinding white salt that’s as far as one can get from the clearly defined lanes of black asphalt more commonly associated with motorsports. The speedway is famous for hosting numerous sanctioned land speed record competitions. It is also one of the last places on earth where anyone with a vehicle can test the limits of their engine–for free–without interference. The consequences are all yours.

The following day, when Jason mentioned the excursion to his client, she shared with him a website (and podcast) that lists many such hidden gems: Atlas Obscura. For those unfamiliar with Atlas Obscura, think of it as a virtual concierge with suggestions for weird and wonderful experiences worldwide. Jason’s newfound appreciation for the site is genuine. These guys aren’t giving me a nickel to push ’em, he says, but I’m telling you right now, it really opened my eyes as to what is interesting and possible.

There’s probably a business metaphor connected to Jason’s pedal-to-the-metal experience out on the Flats. Instead, he’s content to keep the lesson literal for now. You know, this little Google Map suggestion totally opened my eyes, and it reminded me that there are some really cool things in the world.

Make time for wonder on your next business trip.


We really don’t take the time to stop and look around and see what interesting things does this city have to offer?

If I hadn’t taken that moment to ask what’s going on and be willing to leave my hotel room, my room service, and my usual routine, I never would’ve seen this.

It doesn’t need the allure of Chicago or Dallas or Washington DC or something like that to have these amazing experiences. You can find them in small, small towns. I mean, they all have a story. They all have something unusual and interesting about them.

I’m just challenging you to go beyond and take a little time to drink these things in because eventually, we’re not gonna travel anymore.

I really hope you all stop for a moment and think about where am I going next? And what is out there for me beyond the monetary gain or the potential client?





Atlas Obscura
Bonneville Salt Flats
Bonneville Speedway
The Palmer House

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