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Kathryne Newton on generational differences in the distribution workforce

Episode: 72

You better be thinking towards the future, or you’re going to get left behind. -Kathryne A. Newton, Ph.D

How do you manage the generational divide within your company? Kathryne A. Newton, Ph.D., may not have all the answers, but she does possess more than enough intel to coax groups toward more productive communication. Whether those conversations happen face-to-face, through email, or via text is another matter.

Self-professed generation geek Jason invites Kathryne to bust the cohort myths that get in the way of innovation. She also shares insights from her career as associate dean of Purdue University’s Polytechnic Institute and her tenure with the University of Innovative Distribution.

In case anyone assumed otherwise, Kathryne makes her cohort allegiance clear: I am not a basher of Millennials or Gen Z or any of ’em. Instead, she champions creating environments where the differences build stronger teams rather than pitting one group against another.

With literally five generations currently working side by side, there’s a staggering wealth of expertise and innovation in the workforce right now – and an inevitable amount of friction. Helping management navigate intergenerational conflicts is Kathryne’s specialty. She often finds that attachment to generational stereotypes (the cynical GenXer; the entitled Millennial) derail good intentions. Each group possesses unique talents, influence, and outlook; it’s incumbent upon management to recognize those differences and foster a company-wide appreciation for them.

Her top tip? Meet the individual cohorts where they are rather than expecting everyone to operate in the same style.

Kathryne’s time at Purdue has afforded her a unique vantage point to assess the mettle of distribution’s next leaders. She likes what she sees. She does wish that more institutions would follow Purdue’s lead and provide students with creative programs for financing graduate degrees. However, no matter where they’ve graduated from, wholesale distribution professionals can continue their education via The University of Innovative Distribution, one of Jason’s favorite events. Kathryne is the department chair and a faculty member of the concentrated CEU program.

Although a Boomer herself, Kathryne doesn’t sound eager to join the ranks of that generation’s retirees, at least not yet. She still enjoys transforming generational discord into workplace triumph.


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