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Jason Bader on developing a day-end routine

Episode: 67

One of my clients put it in a really great way. He said, ‘Get your arms around the day before it gets its arms around you.’ -Jason Bader

Want to sleep better tonight? Sure, it’s an odd opener – until you think about all the nagging issues that keep managers (especially new ones) up at night. In this episode, Jason flies solo, sharing his favorite tips for building a solid day-end routine regardless of industry.

Think of this episode as a coaching session with tangible action items. Anyone can finish their day implementing Jason’s foundational steps. He advises setting aside a solid 30 minutes and promises that no special tools are required except pen and paper, which, admittedly, might feel special if you’re someone who’s a committed notes app user. There’s something phenomenally magical about putting pen to paper, Jason says of the old-school approach.

So what to put on that blank slate? Lists, of course – in a decidedly different format. Jason advises listeners to shift focus from a general brain dump in favor of detailed reflection. The questions that prompt this part of the day-end routine provide answers to spark the next.

The second exercise borrows from Stephen Covey’s advice: sharpen that saw. In other words, take time for self-development. Jason recommends reading a trade article, watching a YouTube video, or listening to a podcast (*ahem*) that informs or teaches. From five-minute reads to quick episodes, you can learn and retain a lot of information at the end of the day.

The final step is the one we’re all most familiar with – creating a list. Here again, Jason refers to one of his favorite authors for guidance. Brian Tracy advocates for eating that frog! It’s a phrase that refers to prioritizing the biggest thing first. Jason agrees, recommending that listeners create a task list with built-in punch.

Not sure where or how to begin? I want you to go back and actually find a way to prioritize it, Jason says, revealing that the best lists follow a simple ABC plan.

The goal here isn’t perfection. Even Jason admits to missing the mark on his day-end routine and reaping the results. When I wing it, man, things are all over the place! When he takes that time-out at the end of his day to reflect, invest in his personal development, and plan? I think I earned my keep today.




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