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Welcome to Distribution Talk

In this podcast, we dive into the stories, struggles and solutions from interesting characters who have chosen to make a career in the distribution industry.  My goal is to entertain, educate and inspire you through these brief conversations.  Thank you for visiting.  If you like what you hear, come visit us often.

Tull Brewer, Prsident

Littlejohn, Inc.

Cam Overacker, President
Primco Limited

Michelle St. John, President

Industrial Bolt & Supply

Upcoming Guests

002: Knowing Your Customer with 
Gabriel Curry, G&S Nursery 

In this episode, Jason speaks with Gabriel Curry about using technology to add value to the customer experience and how outside feedback can improve an already successful company.

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001:  Transitioning the Family Business with Marshall Jones, The Distribution Team

In this episode, Jason speaks with Marshall Jones about family business, training employees for the long haul, and the effective use of employee testing. 

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000:  The Origin of Distribution Talk with Jason Bader, The Distribution Team 

In this episode, Jason briefly explains the reason why he started Distribution Talk, what the focus will be, and what to expect in the future. 

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