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Welcome to Distribution Talk

In this podcast, we dive into the stories, struggles and solutions from interesting characters who have chosen to make a career in the distribution industry.  My goal is to entertain, educate and inspire you through these brief conversations.  Thank you for visiting.  If you like what you hear, come visit us often.

Joe Barrer, Director

Global Logistics, Inc.

Jeff Peterson, CEO

Geneva Supply Inc.

Upcoming Guests

019: Building a Winning Culture with John Wiborg, Stellar Industrial Supply

In this episode, Jason speaks with John about scaling a business, investing in technology and defining your culture. 

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018: Being Vulnerable and Asking for Help with John Tragiai, KEEPRS, Inc.

In this episode, Jason speaks with John about connecting with the industry, reaching out to professionals and developing a niche business.  

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017: The Move to Consultative Selling with Brenda Puckett, West-Lite Supply

In this episode, Jason speaks with Brenda about rapid product advancements, special pricing agreements and recruiting new talent. 

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016: The Role of Marketing in Distribution with Carolyn Quinn, Pike Systems

In this episode, Jason speaks with Carolyn about training the customer, sales versus marketing and the diversity of distribution. 

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015: Giving Back to the Industry with Lauren Roberts, cfm Distributors

In this episode, Jason speaks with Lauren about the customer experience, driving digital solutions and next generation leadership.  

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014: Creating Your Legacy with Gian Marco Palazio, President of CASCO Safety

In this episode, Jason speaks with Gian Marco about entrepreneurship in a tough political climate, growing too quickly and building a business you can be proud of. 

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013: Listening to the Customer with Martha Brooke, Interaction Metrics

In this episode, Jason speaks with Martha about gathering customer data, the use of surveys and enhancing the customer experience. 

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012: Fighting through adversity with Steve Cohn, Premier Beauty Supply

In this episode, Jason speaks with Steve about educating customers, dealing with tough times and the marriage between outside sales and e-commerce. 

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011: Continuous Improvement with Mike Meier, Meier Supply

In this episode, Jason speaks with Mike about building the next generation of talent, driving customer education and giving back to the industry.

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010: Calculated Expansion with Dan Esch,
Esch Construction Supply

In this episode, Jason speaks with Dan about adding locations, solving problems and defining service the commitment.

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009: Making Wood Sexy with Ankit Sharma, Kitply Industries

In this episode, Jason speaks with Ankit about attracting young people to his industry, the importance of continuous improvement and always looking forward.

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008: Value Added Selling with Paul Reilly, Reilly Sales Training

In this episode, Jason speaks with Paul about asking better questions, moving customers away from price and getting them look at cost.  

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007:  Adapting to Changing Expectations with
Eric Wessinger, Richards Supply & Equipment

In this episode, Jason speaks with Eric about the changing expectations of his customer base and how they must be willing to adapt as an organization.  

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006:  Customer Service is Universal with
Bill Morse, Constar Supply 

In this episode, Jason speaks with Bill about developing banking relationships, managing salespeople and looking for strong customer service talent. 

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005:  Finding the Right People with 
Michelle St. John, Industrial Bolt & Supply

In this episode, Jason speaks with Michelle St. John about lessons from her father, the value of private labeling and building a slow growth business over time.

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004:  Building Trust in the Organization with
Cameron Overacker, Primco Ltd. 

In this episode, Jason speaks with Cameron Overacker about taking over a family business and how to surround yourself with the right players.  

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003:  Putting Profit First with 
Tully Brewer, Littlejohn Inc.

In this episode, Jason speaks with Tully Brewer about how he has embraced a profit first mentality and how it is transforming his company. 

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002: Knowing Your Customer with 
Gabriel Curry, G&S Nursery 

In this episode, Jason speaks with Gabriel Curry about using technology to add value to the customer experience and how outside feedback can improve an already successful company.

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001:  Transitioning the Family Business with Marshall Jones, The Distribution Team

In this episode, Jason speaks with Marshall Jones about family business, training employees for the long haul, and the effective use of employee testing. 

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MJ Episode Art

000:  The Origin of Distribution Talk with Jason Bader, The Distribution Team 

In this episode, Jason briefly explains the reason why he started Distribution Talk, what the focus will be, and what to expect in the future. 

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