“We must never be too busy to take time to sharpen the saw”
- Stephen Covey

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Are We Excuse Makers or Problem Solvers?

Post by: Jason Bader - Principal, The Distribution Team

A couple of months ago, I was sitting through the parent meeting for my son’s basketball program. The coach talked about the upcoming season but focused most of his discussion about parental conduct and character-building elements of their program. It was a sharp reminder that the parents needed to keep their personal opinions in check and let the kids have fun. From academic to athletic, it was one of the best presentations I have seen from any of my children’s areas of involvement. I was most impressed by the coach emphasizing work ethic and the shaping of these young boys. One of the goals of his program, from 5 th grade all the way through high school, is to teach the boys to be “problem solvers, not excuse makers”. Although he related it to their involvement
with basketball, I was struck how this simple concept resonated though....

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Tips to Improve Engagement at Sales Meetings

Post by: Jason Bader - Principal, The Distribution Team

Sales meetings are a natural part of all distribution organizations. Let’s face it. That is what our charter
states – we sell stuff to others. At some point, as sales organizations, we need talk about how all this
selling is going. In a recent group discussion with some sales managers, we had a healthy discussion
about engagement and how to make these gatherings more productive. Salespeople, by their very
nature, tend to be independent free spirits. Forcing them to stay seated for an hour or more while the
management drones on about company performance and what they should be focusing on will never
gel with their personalities. This is the rub...

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News Flash: Remote Work is Here to Stay

Post by: Jason Bader - Principal, The Distribution Team

I was speaking with a couple of separate clients last month and the subject of remote work and workplace expectations came up in both conversations. In one of the conversations, I was speaking with the owner of the business and she was struggling with the idea of remote workers. This wasn’t the way she grew up in the business and isn’t comfortable with this dynamic we have been living under for the past couple of years. In the second conversation, I was speaking with a department head who was struggling with an owner who was clearly against the concept of remote work and barely made accommodations during the height of the pandemic...

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