“We must never be too busy to take time to sharpen the saw”
- Stephen Covey

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News Flash: Remote Work is Here to Stay

Post by: Jason Bader - Principal, The Distribution Team

I was speaking with a couple of separate clients last month and the subject of remote work and workplace expectations came up in both conversations. In one of the conversations, I was speaking with the owner of the business and she was struggling with the idea of remote workers. This wasn’t the way she grew up in the business and isn’t comfortable with this dynamic we have been living under for the past couple of years. In the second conversation, I was speaking with a department head who was struggling with an owner who was clearly against the concept of remote work and barely made accommodations during the height of the pandemic...

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Ego is the Enemy – Even in Distribution

Post by: Jason Bader - Principal, The Distribution Team

A few years ago, a client shared a book recommendation with me. Ego is the Enemy, by Ryan Holiday. Now this is one of those grandiose titles that immediately makes my eyes roll. Here we have some know-it-all stating the obvious in a 250 page “business” self help book. Let’s just say that the cynic in me was hard at work. Not proud of it, but I am a Gen Xer through and through. Recently, I have been coming up against some challenging situations in my practice regarding struggling family businesses and owners killing themselves to keep the ship afloat. Not every company is living in the post pandemic days of wine and roses...

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Covering All the Bases

Post by: Jason Bader - Principal, The Distribution Team

A couple of months ago, I was working with a client who felt like he had neglected certain aspects of his company. He had been spending the last year heavily focused on sales and marketing, particularly driving a e-commerce platform. Previously, the company had just offered web services to existing customers and this was a whole new animal. The focus paid off. The company grew their online sales to previously unregistered customers from essentially zero to approximately $250,000 in monthly revenue. This was a heck of an achievement and the growth shows no signs of slowing down. This business development has been impressive, to say the least, but at what cost?...

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I have been a subscriber to for the past two years. Like many, I struggle to read all the business book recommendations that people share with me. Truth be told, I am not patient enough to slog through a 300 page tome to get to the good stuff. A couple of years ago, my brother turned me on to Essentially, the service is like the “Cliff Notes” for business books. I look up a book, download the 5-7 page abstract, and get to the meat and potatoes. If I really like the book, I might go buy it for my shelf. One of my clients has used these short abstracts as the basis for a monthly discussion with his executive team. The possibilities are endless. Going forward, I plan to share some recommendations for subscribers to download. Check out the free trial and start “sharpening the saw” today.

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