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Coaching and Consulting Testimonials

“At a certain point, improvement can be made in every area of every organization, and that’s where my company was when I found Jason when searching through the internet. We were a young company at the time, we had a flat structure and I was alone at the top. Jason paid for himself; he came in and added value to the business on many fronts. Not only does he understand distribution technically, he had the ability to teach us and help us understand. He has a gift and an aptitude to see things at a high level and interpret the details in a way to strategize and implement a plan. What stood out for me was his executive coaching. His continued support meant that he wanted to not only help us survive in the competitive industry of distribution, but thrive in it.”

Allen Roberts, R&D Supply
Shreveport, Louisiana 


“We decided to employ Jason because he proved to be worth the capital. We had a specific goal to better understand and increase our profit margins, and Jason was instrumental in helping us meet that goal. Jason gave us the details we needed for the big picture that we already had in view and helped us tackle our particular situation. He came prepared and ready to build the strategy to get us on track.”

Bill Morse, Constar Supply
Clovis, California 

“We first heard of Jason several years ago, but we only recently began doing business with him. Our inventory management was out of control, and although the steps we were implementing ourselves helped, they weren’t enough. We decided that we needed a more drastic change. After Jason came in, we saw that change almost overnight. Everyone in the company was excited and on board with the new paths we were taking. Jason gave us more than the inventory management advice that we needed; he facilitated the improvement of our business practices across the board. He understands what he is doing which makes him easy to work with, and he made sure that everyone’s needs were met, not just the owners.”

Becky Naumann, Sierra Pacific Surf Supply
Campbell, California 

"I first learned about Jason when I attended one of his distributor courses in Chicago on recommendation from my software supplier. As a family business, we sometimes find it difficult to change or develop the practices we have been doing for a number of years, but I wanted to hear about better practices. Jason was able to put us on the right track and move us toward improving what we already had. His understanding of the inner workings and challenges that we face as a family business made it easier for his guidance to be effective. He would benefit any distributor, especially those working with a family hierarchy."

Cameron Overacker, Primco
Calgary, Alberta 

"We had a variety of goals that we wanted to obtain to develop the business, and we wanted to seek a voice that had the best experience with inventory management as well as multiple locations. I went to a conference where Jason was a speaker, and not only did I find what he was talking about to be valuable for any distributor, but I could tell that he would have great advice and expertise to offer my company. Jason became our strategic partner while he worked with us. For me, strategy means making core directional decisions that move you toward a hoped for future, and Jason worked alongside us to create and implement a strategic plan. I believe that Jason helped me work to improve my business, not just to work with what we already had."

Tully Brewer, Littlejohn Inc.
Spartanburg, South Carolina 

"I have attended Jason’s Inventory Management Seminar in the past and found the information he gave to be relevant and applicable to Hub Industrial. Our inventory management was not suffering when we contacted Jason to be a private consultant, but based on the experience he offered at his seminar we knew that his expertise would only help us improve what was already in place. Our goal as a company is to be a superior benchmark in the distribution industry, and I would say that the Distribution Team brought us closer to that goal with Jason’s breadth of industry experience, knowledge, and understanding. Jason worked with us on inventory turns and profitability and delivered $100,000 in bottom line results within the first twelve months. If you want ROI in the important areas of inventory management, look to Jason and his team for quick and effective results."

    Gabriel Curry, Hub Industrial Supply
    Gainesville, Florida 

"Kitply Industries chose to seek out Jason for help with setting up an ERP system and other general distribution processes. With his guidance we got the system in place and the processes set up well. He was extremely knowledgeable and you could tell that he has had previous experience with this subject. I would recommend his services to anyone looking for help installing new distribution software or setting up new processes to improve distribution management. Jason is very approachable and his insight and care for your company’s success really sets him apart."

     Ankit Sharma, Kitply Industries
     Surrey, British Columbia


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