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Recomended Programs and Services

Every once in a while, I run into a service that I just have to share with my readers and clients.  I would like to use this page to display the programs, trainings, and new product ideas that not only I find intersting or helpful,

Also, feel free to suggest what products, programs and trainings you are raving about. If I think a suggestion that you submit is a great one, I will list it here.

Let me know if you have a suggestion, contact me: Jason@distributionteam.com

 I have been a subscriber to GetAbstracts.com for the past two years.  Like many, I struggle to read all the business book recommendations that people share with me.  Truth be told, I am not patient enough to slog through a 300 page tome to get to the good stuff.  A couple of years ago, my brother turned me on to GetAbstracts.com.  Essentially, the service is like the “Cliff Notes” for business books.  I look up a book, download the 5-7 page abstract, and get to the meat and potatoes.  If I really like the book, I might go buy it for my shelf.  One of my clients has used these short abstracts as the basis for a monthly discussion with his executive team.  The possibilities are endless.  Going forward, I plan to share some recommendations for subscribers to download.  Check out the free trial and start “sharpening the saw” today.

Get Abstracts.com